Generating the Proper Mindset for Health and Fitness Programs

It happens so very often – we resolve to go on with a health and fitness program with gusto and probably much fanfare too, but in the first week of entering the program, everything fizzles out...

Why is it that we don’t stick to the diet plans, the morning jogging plans, the workout plans that we make?

And what can we do to ensure we keep on with these plans, for our own sake and for the sake of the people that are dependent on us?

Table Of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Why Do Most Health and Fitness Programs Fail?
  • Chapter 2: Determination and Motivation – Your Most Important Allies
  • Chapter 3: Selecting the Right Program
  • Chapter 4: Starting Slow
  • Chapter 5: Target the Right Parts of the Body
  • Chapter 6: Get Your Friends Involved
  • Chapter 7: Chart Your Progress
  • Chapter 8: Keep the Motivation On – Give Yourself Incentives
  • Chapter 9: Head to the Gym… Even if You Don’t Want to
  • Chapter 10: Ensuring You Keep on with Your Health and Fitness Program

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