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Articles infinite scroll Joomla module adds infinite scroll to articles.This module will automatically loads the newly articles and creates endless article experience. With this module you will never need to wait the newly article to load and please note: this plugin only works if you have content on your Joomla site already.  Articles infinite scroll Joomla module automatically scans all articles on your Joomla site and offer users your newly articles and is shows at the top of the view.

Ob Countdown is a Joomla! plugin that allows to show countdown clock at any location on your website.This plugin will count down days / hours / minutes / seconds of event. This countdown plugin is very flexible for your Joomla site.

Social icons module is built to help quickly display social profiles on your site. Coming with Font-Awesome, there are a lot of different icons styles available for you to choose.

Social icons support unlimited social networks: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Beside, an RSS feed link and a mailto & contact link are aslo included.

Ob social share is a package product that includes 3 extensions: system plugin obsocialshare, module obsocialshare, content plugin obopengraph. This social share plugin allows to embed social share buttons, social like buttons and manage automatically Open Graph tags from articles. Ob social share is a powerful plugin that allows to easy display social share buttons and social like buttons for social network such as: facebook like, facebook share, twitter, google+1 button, google share  button, LinkedIn, Pinterest without slow down your Joomla site performance.

Social Login Joomla is a package product that includes a module and the plugins. It allows to register and login to Joomla website by using popular social network account: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and many more. Each plugin will support login corresponds to a social network and all the data will be taken from social network profiles. Social login helps save time for users, increase user registration rate on your Joomla site.