Ob social share is a package product that includes 3 extensions: system plugin obsocialshare, module obsocialshare, content plugin obopengraph. This social share plugin allows to embed social share buttons, social like buttons and manage automatically Open Graph tags from articles. Ob social share is a powerful plugin that allows to easy display social share buttons and social like buttons for social network such as: facebook like, facebook share, twitter, google+1 button, google share  button, LinkedIn, Pinterest without slow down your Joomla site performance.


In addition, it is capable to manage and add automatically Open Graph tags  to inform social networks about title, description and images to share. You can select the social share buttons and social like buttons that you want to display and customize. This social share plugin is a simple and easy way to share your content on social networks and increasing your site visibility.

Main Features:

  • High performance: your Joomla site won’t be slowed by social share widgets.
  • Buttons configuration: the social share and social like arrangements, styles and sizes are customizable to fit your demands.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple social networks.
  • Instant share: the social login page window pops instantly for users to share quickly.